Excellent communicator, Ilias constantly and dynamically brings new ideas to our team, helping us all solve problems at the source by thinking of unexpected solutions. Driving his ability to analyze and synthesize systems, he challenges decisions and asks relevant questions enabling the team to foresee obstacles and assembling solutions from everyone involved to surmount them. Ambassador of positive thinking and always in a good mood, he is a real pleasure to work with.

Promoter of agile methodologies at BesLogic, he has adopted the role of project manager even though he still actively participates in the project at the application development level with a strong programming expertise. Skilled at guiding and animating our meetings, Ilias maintains a large-scale strategic perspective on our projects and simplifies our decision process in order to trace the path to our collective success.

Yannick Bessette, President and founder of BesLogic Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Ilias on a website redesign for my startup. He demonstrated a strong willingness to learn and the ability to communicate effectively throughout the process. He met all of our deadlines and surpassed our expectations for the project. Based on his appreciation for taking on new challenges and his strong work ethic, there is no doubt in my mind that he will see continuous success in his career.

Matthew Bruna, Founder of StudEtree

Working with Ilias was extremely pleasant. Notwithstanding is skill in web development, it faculty to learn fast and under pressure was is best asset. I strongly recommend Ilias to every company that want to have a serious developper in their team.

Julien Cousineau, CTO at MuCity