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Fullstack web developer

Through a solid year of experience, I have learned the basics of web design, explored the intermediate concepts of marketing and toyed with advanced and modern technologies.

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Passion is my virtue

Not only have I worked with computers all my life, I also enjoy showing off my dance skills or sharing a great song, playing the guitar myself.

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Stay Professional

Leadership, attention to detail and eager to learn are my three most descriptive work traits. I am also pretty versatile, ranging from photoshop editing talents to building a NodeJS web server, I always find my way through everyday obstacles.

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I made the web a better place

Clean pixel-perfect designs and fluid user experience are my top concerns when browsing through any website. This is why I make sure to provide the best possible layout that goes head-to-head with the idea at the root of my creation. Never should anyone wonder where to click or what to look at on a page. What I like is to focus that curiosity upon what lies underneath each call-to-action or where will the next page lead.



Summarize a large array of revolutionary features to drive users into a great mobile app.



Carry website ahead of technology to showcase a modern app that makes book trading easy.


StudEtree Second Chance

Build a website for a short-term event in a short time. This website was built in just one day.

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Gather the sum of my work and experience and show off my web development skills.